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Utao Kuga
Biographical Information
Kanji: 枸雅 詩緒
Rōmaji: Utao Kuga
Alias: none
Physical Description
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Dark Mauve

Kyohei (brother) Kirio (twin)


Kuga Family


The Hyuga Family

Weapon(s): Kukuri
Occupation: Seki
Affiliation: The Kuga Family
Manga Debut: Chapter 1
Anime Debut: Episode 1

Utao Kuga (枸雅 詩緒, Kuga Utao)?[]

Utao is the younger sister of Kyohei and the current partner of Kukuri. She came to Tokyo to meet her brother fearing that Aki would come for him. Her fears are confirmed and after destroying Kyohei's apartment whlie confronting Aki, she moved to Hibino's house with her brother, working at the Shiba family's café while training herself to improve her control over Kukuri's movements.


When Utao and her twin brother Kirio was still in their mother's womb they were able to talk with the kakashi. This made the village, think that they are supposed to be sekis right before they were born.  This is why the Hyuga and Kuga family has high hopes about them.


Utao is a very shy person. With an extreme fondness of Kyoei always trying to prove to him that she is strong.