Kukiri by a lake

Kukuri is one of the dolls that belongs to the village. Currently it's Seki is Utao, but before the storyline, it used to belong to Kyohei. It has black arrow like patterns over its body, and a central green eye in the middle of its head. It has two long arms extending from ear-like protrusions on its head. These two arms have two fingers that can fold out, and have secret compartments concealed inside them. One arm has a short knife, used for battle. When Utao wishes, the end of the arm will split apart and the blade comes out. The other arm seems to be able to open up and absorb energy, before redirecting it back towards the attacker. This is first observed in episode 5, when Kukiri is severely damaged. During this time, Kukuri sang a different song, similar to the one that it playes when Kyohei was still its Seki. It is unconfirmed, but highly speculated that Kyohei took control of Kukuri only for a moment just enough to be able to open and use the left arm, as evidenced by the change of song that Kukuri sings. As with all dolls, Kukuri is able to fly, made from a sort of flexible wood, is superhumanly strong, and sings a song whilst being controlled by its Seki. What seems to be its strongest power is a laser that can shoot out from its eye.