Episode 1 - A God Arrives

The first episode's title screen

"A God Arrives" Kami wa ki tari te (神は来たりて) is the first episode of Kamisama Dolls.

The beginning starts off as a flashback of Kyohei and Aki when they were still children. Then it skips years later to Tokyo, Japan where Kyohei is attending The N University Sociology Department's seventh annual party.

A friend catches his staring at Shiba and Kyohei explains that her father was the one who helped him move into Tokyo. The guys told him it was a department rule to ask someone out at a party, and since he was the only one who hasn't done it yet, he is sent as a "sacrifice" to ask Shiba out. Kyouhei ends up waiting for her outside of the bathroom. Before he could finish talking, Shiba's drunken friend, Suou, interrupts. Kyohei ends up getting drunk too and starts singing karaoke with Suou (still drunk) cheering him on.

After he passed out from the alcohol, he had a dream of when he explained to his parents of leaving Karakami Village and starting a life in Tokyo. When he wakes up, he and Shiba went to meet up with the rest of their friends at Tsubohachi, but when the elevator doors opened, they found a dead, bloody body instead.
Discovering the body

Shiba Hibino and Kuga Kyouhei discovering the body

As Kyohei walks home from the subway he sensed a presence, but ignored it. Later, his younger sister, Kuga Utao, showed up with her Doll, Kukuri. She tried to grab a cup of hot chocolate with Kukuri, but failed and ended up breaking it, showing that she doesn't have complete control over the Doll yet. Utao tells Kyouhei the reason why she was here. She was sent to capture Aki, who had escaped his cell after learning that Kyouhei left the village.

Akiwas waiting outside of Kyohei's window and had his doll smash through the window and pin him down. Utao tried fighting Aki with Kukuri, but they were no match for him. He ended up tossing Utao out the window and angering Kyohei. Kukuri was able to save Utao and attack from outside, which defeated Aki, but ended up destroying the apartment in the process.


Aki is shown to be taken away in a sealed body bag in a truck and Shiba and her father offers for the siblings to live with them. After hearing her father talk about the village, Shiba convinced her father to explain everything to her. Her father asks Utao to summon her Doll in their living room and shocks Shiba. After getting over her shock, Shiba told Kyohei that she'll treat Utao like a little sister.
Kukuri summoned

Kukuri being summoned beneath Shiba

The end shows the truck that was taking Aki back to the village, tipped over and destroyed. Aki had escaped from imprisonment again.